Every Country is Different

While watching Brokedown Palace and Lockup abroad I saw the inner workings of what could happen if you get into legal trouble in another country. Before watching the film I thought I had an understanding of what would happen if you got in trouble in a different country but I soon learned that I did not have any idea of to what extent things can escalate too.

In Brokedown Palace 2 teenage girls go on a trip and end up in a lot of trouble for leaving a bags unattended along with a few other mistakes that are taken very seriously in the country they are in. Without much knowledge of the trouble they are in they end up being sentenced to go to prison for a few years by the Thailand authorities. I was really disappointed in the US embassy and the government as a whole but was also not surprised. I do believe that they should have tried to do everything in their power to get the girls out.

When traveling abroad tourists have a responsibility to educate themselves on the rules and laws of the place their are visiting. They should be doing research before they leave for vacation and that should not just extend to their legal laws but also be aware of a cultures unwritten law/values the communities hold.

In the Brokedown Palace I found it interesting how long the girls remained in Thailand prison. I was also surprised in both films how much effort the United States government put into helping their own citizens get out of prison, I felt they could have done more than they did. From both films I learned the importance of educating myself when taking a vacation especially one that is in a foreign country. I also will focus more on being careful while also being aware of my surrounds while abroad.

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