Environmental Impacts of Tourism

When an environmental tragedy happens like a tsunami everyone is effected in some way. During and after the event the press can either help or hurt the situation. They can inspire people from all over to come and help or to donate what they can to help the people affected by the tragedy. But once their is a bigger story the news stops talking about the original event and people around the world begin to forget and move on while the area affected is still in shambles. When these events happen they heavily impact hotels and resorts because people are not coming for vacations once their has been a big event. But hotels and resorts have been know to turn into housing for locals who lost their homes or even hospital centers, but only if the building is still standing. After an event tourism drops in these areas for obvious reasons but in a time where the area needs that revenue the most.

In an event like a tsunami families get ripped apart and sometimes never come back together because a family member is so lost/possibly disoriented or injured, or because their body was never found. While this event may tear a single family apart a lot of the time it brings together the global village. Everyone from not just that area but from around the world pitches in to help. May it be by traveling to that area to be of assistance or donating money/supplies to the effected area. An event as big as a tsunami is devastating to the area hit and its surrounds. The worst part is the personal loss and grief that the people who experienced it have to live with. Not only did these people possibly lose their house, all their belongings, and business, but they could have lost many family and friends.

In the time of these event the government should be trying to help its citizens recover as quickly as possible. By providing shelter, proper food, availability to healthcare, and start the search and rescue teams to start locating people. Corporations in the area can also be hit really bad by the loss of income, buildings, and worst of all workers. But if the corporation is big enough they can also become part of the relief efforts.

Disaster recovery efforts can only go on for so long and many places hit by the event end up left soon after to fend for themselves. Which then leads to really bad poverty that can last for a few years, few decades, or an area can never recover. Many cultural barriers also happen between language and the way people handle different situations. Some cultures do not like to ask for help while others just do not have the resources to get the help they need.

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