Staying Safe Abroad

The movies assigned this week were very hard to watch at times. With a lot of sexual abuse scenes, fathers selling their children, the selling of children in general, people being held against their will and their families threatened, and the all around injustices that take place all over the world. But as hard as it was for me to watch this it is the everyday for over 800,000 people. It was incredibly eye opening to see how evil people can be for money and how oblivious most of the population is to the problem of human trafficking and other related topics that take place internationally.

I was always aware of human trafficking but I did not know the extent of everything that happens, how many people are trafficked, and how common it is all around the world. I was also not surprised to learn the United States is number one in the world for human trafficking. This country has a lot of very greedy people who will do anything and use anyone to get ahead. I do feel that the hospitality industry does have a hand in these types of crimes, it may be unintentional but non the less plays a part. In the human trafficking 2 part movies a young American girl get taken while she is on vacation and if the family traveling their had been better educated either by the country itself, the hotel/resort they are staying at, or the travel agency they possible booked from they could have been safer when traveling around. I do believe the family should have done their own research as well before traveling abroad but some fault is to be put on both sides. Hospitality also obviously promotes travel and that is when a lot of people can get taken just by being in a different country or they can get tricked by a sketchy travel business that is fake.

Anyone evolved in the trafficking of humans can only be described as shameless, revolting, valger, sick, and despicably wicked. They deserve to rot in prison but far to many never see the inside of a sell. With human trafficking taking place internationally it becomes difficult and leads to complications when it comes to prosecuting the traffickers leading to less convictions. The best way to avoid being trafficked, help others who are trafficked, and stop trafficking is to get educated on the topic. When traveling pay attention to the written and unwritten rules of that culture/country. Look into any possible problems you could run into while abroad and make a plan to avoid them. Basically learn the do’s and don’ts of where ever you plan to travel. People can also be more conscientious and informed consumers by learning where the products they use come from and who is really putting them together/how much they are getting to work for these big companies. Lastly teaching kids about human trafficking how to stay safe and how to get away if something were to happen to them. Always stay alert and aware while traveling and educate yourself before going anywhere.

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