Making A Pilgrimage

If I chose to do a pilgrimage I would travel along the Saint Olav’s Way in Norway. I would plan for this trip many months in advance to really prepare myself for everything I may face and to make sure I have all the right supplies to set me up of success. I would choose this destination because I love Norway’s people and culture and I have a lot of ancestry that goes back to Norway, that I would like to experience. From this trip I would expect to have some sort of revelation about how I am living my life and what I need to do to live better and I also think I would learn a lot of respect and patience for the world around me. I think I would return home a changed person because I feel when you take up a challenge like a pilgrimage you are pushing yourself to your limits which many people do not do in their regular lives and that alone can change someone’s out look on things. My biggest motivators to get up and go on this kind of adventure is to get myself out with nature and to center myself/learn about myself and what I want to get out of my life. I would take my pilgrimage the summer after I finish college right before I have to enter the real world for the rest of my life. I want to know who I am before I present myself to the world around me. From taking this pilgrimage I will have pushed through some really hard times and hope to have grown as a person. With every skill mentally or physically that I gain I hope to keep and use as I continue on with my life.

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