If ever got the “wanting something different” bug a quit my job and became a digital nomad I get an RV and travel across the country and once I was done in the United States I head over to Europe. I would try to start and youtube channel and try to find an audience who is interested it what I am bringing to them. If that channel ever got any tracktion I would start a patreon to help fund my adventures advance the quality of entertainment I would be giving to my followers. If successful the average travel blogger/vlogger makes around 63,000 dollars annually bringing in a decent profit. With the highest earning around 110,500 dollars annually.

My goal once getting an RV in decent shape would be to try and hit every state in the United States, ditching the RV for the trip to Hawaii of course. I would make videos showing how life on the road is the highs and the lows. I would share what I have learned and possibly help others in the same situation or inspire others take a leap and try their luck out on the open road. I would visit popular monument along with hidden treasures along the way. I would try to sustain myself through vlogging, blogging, possible patron donations, and if I am lucky maybe a sponsorship or 2. I think my life would look like 5 months on the road and a month break repeat. I would always try to be home for christmas and maybe come home for the occasional events. I hope I would have a partner in crime along the way so things do not get to lonely but we would visit the most interesting places in each state. Once I have made my way through the United States I would try to possibly travel around Europe along with some other countries and expand from there.

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