My Personal Philosophy of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

During my time in HTM 101 I have learned an immeasurable amount of knowledge that I will take forward as I enter the world of Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management. I learned the about the highs including being successful in something you are passionate about, creating an experience for others to enjoy, being able to help people who are stuck and give them an escape, and without this industry it would be impossible for people to see the world and gain new knowledge for themselves. But I also learned about lows/realities of this business it can be dangerous and used for evil like with human trafficking being easily combined with so many of the businesses involved in the industry. Including air and sea travel, “entertainment” in certain places, and not educating people enough before we send them out on a “once and a lifetime opportunity.” Also no matter what people say this is a business it starts and ends with money and how much people can profit. It may be a positive for the small villages and towns that survival is based in tourism but it is a negative when you think about the wealthy elite at the top of industries like airlines, hotels, and cruises that get to line their pocket while a lot of the little guys like plain mechanics, room service, and performers get what is left which is not a lot when it is so hard to turn over a profit in many of these industries.

I am very interested in event planning and management as it is my minor. I just love the ability to make people happy with everything I have. It makes sense that my “love language” (They way you like to give and receive love/attention) is act of service. If I can take an ordinary day for someone and make it one of the best of their lives then I want to do it to the best of my ability. I feel this class has actually made me more passionate about going into this field of work if that is even possible.

My major is communications with a minor in event planning and management along with a minor in dance, so I have already combined a minor with my major. But this class has made me more interested in tourism and hospitality as well and I may look into adding another minor if my schedule allows for that as an opportunity to further explore my future in the tourism, hospitality, and event planning and management industry.

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