The Airline Industry

If one is to choose a career in aviation it comes with many benefits along with many sacrifices. The benefits of this kind of work is all the is amazing travel opportunities for not only yourself but also your family. But for me the sacrifices out weigh the benefits, you have to spend a lot of time away from your family, can work very strange long stress filled hours, and there are a million things that could go wrong and lead to your death. I know this is a lifestyle that many people around the world love and dream of but for me I do not think me and the airline industry would match very well.

The career opportunities in this industry are endless from the men and women who build and maintain the planes, to the people on the plain while it is in the air, to all the people behind the scenes down on the ground working quickly to keep everything moving smoothly. I do not think I would be able to handle coming into my job everyday and being responsible for hundreds of peoples lives including my own. That stress would destroy me faster than the likelihood of a plane actually crashing. If you look at the actual statics a pilot has 0.1% chance of dying during their career from plane related death. They would have a higher chance of dying in a car accident at 1.0%. The true risk of working in aviation is much lower than most people including myself thought but the risk is always there for something to go wrong.

Personally I do not mind air travel I understand the necessity and I do it at least one a year but I do not know how I would feel if I had to do it more often. I do feel air travel is one of the safest options when someone is deciding to travel. But I also believe it is one of the most stressful because so many things can go wrong just trying to get to the plane including lost luggage, security/ticket problems, and cancellations or delays. I think airlines can be profitable but it can become unprofitable very quickly if the business is not careful.

I learned all about how many people it takes to get one plane off the ground. which surprised me a lot. I also found it very interesting to see the otherside of when a plane is delayed, canceled, or grounded for a variety of reasons and how it is handled. It changed my way of thinking about air travel and how everything in that business is so unpredictable. I think it will help me have more patience the next time I travel and there is a possible complication.

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