The Event Industry

When the event industry is broken down you have corporate events, recreation events, and special events. Special events include more personal ones like weddings or big events for the masses like coachella, and the super bowl halftime show. Recreation events are made more for town community like movie in the park and a kids camp or for a community of people all interested in the same thing the color run, boston marathon, and Tour de France. Corporate events are always centered around some sort of business may it be thrown for their staff, shareholders, or clients. But they all something in common and that is the power to bring people together for a specific reason may it be for the community, business, and personal or a combination.

I have always had a love for organization so of course by the age of 10 I had my entire wedding planned out on pinterest. It did not help that one of my favorite shows to watch with my sisters was David Tutera’s Celebrations where he would plan the most extravagant weddings. Another place I have always loved and have been inspired by is the weddings in Disney and how they brings peoples dreams to life. As I have gotten older that love of organizing and weddings has grown and my plan in life is to become a wedding planner and possibly one day have my own business doing it. Right now the only things I have planned is a few baby showers, bridal/wedding showers, and my own open house but I eventually want to go into weddings. I love what weddings stand for and not in a religious way but that it is a celebration of 2 people planning to spend the rest of their life together and their closest family and friends being there to help celebrate. I want to be apart of making someone’s day magical in every sense of the word.

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