The Hotel Industry

Even the thought of owning and operating a hotel is completely overwhelming. I do not know how people keep these types of businesses going much less profitable. While doing some research on this industry I came across a woman who was really into helping out the creatives in the hotel industry compete with the major hotel companies. Her name is Frances Kiradjian. Frances loved the idea of boutique hotels and wanted to help level the playing field for these smaller businesses and give a voice to the independent, upscale hotels, who had no representation in the industry.

If I was ever to work in this industry it would have to be at a boutique hotel instead of one of the major companies because I feel the smaller businesses care more about the experience their customers have. I also like the idea of having a relationship with the guests and being able to make their stay as amazing as possible. In the back of my mind I have always liked to idea inn style bed and breakfast because I just love how they look and feel when you walk in.

If I had the resources to do so I would start a Inn franchise. It would be in more rural areas but would have a ton of ammendies. Including a spa, gym, golf course, nice dinning, horseback riding, trails to adventure on, a pool, and a ton of activities for kids to give parents the time to do things for themselves. If you picture the dragonfly inn from gilmore girls mixed with the inn from the new Netflix version of sweet magnolias that is what I would want to own and possible franchise.

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