My Personal Philosophy of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

During my time in HTM 101 I have learned an immeasurable amount of knowledge that I will take forward as I enter the world of Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management. I learned the about the highs including being successful in something you are passionate about, creating an experience for others to enjoy, being able toContinue reading “My Personal Philosophy of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management”


If ever got the “wanting something different” bug a quit my job and became a digital nomad I get an RV and travel across the country and once I was done in the United States I head over to Europe. I would try to start and youtube channel and try to find an audience whoContinue reading “Monetization”

The Event Industry

When the event industry is broken down you have corporate events, recreation events, and special events. Special events include more personal ones like weddings or big events for the masses like coachella, and the super bowl halftime show. Recreation events are made more for town community like movie in the park and a kids campContinue reading “The Event Industry”

The Hotel Industry

Even the thought of owning and operating a hotel is completely overwhelming. I do not know how people keep these types of businesses going much less profitable. While doing some research on this industry I came across a woman who was really into helping out the creatives in the hotel industry compete with the majorContinue reading “The Hotel Industry”

The Airline Industry

If one is to choose a career in aviation it comes with many benefits along with many sacrifices. The benefits of this kind of work is all the is amazing travel opportunities for not only yourself but also your family. But for me the sacrifices out weigh the benefits, you have to spend a lotContinue reading “The Airline Industry”

Making A Pilgrimage

If I chose to do a pilgrimage I would travel along the Saint Olav’s Way in Norway. I would plan for this trip many months in advance to really prepare myself for everything I may face and to make sure I have all the right supplies to set me up of success. I would chooseContinue reading “Making A Pilgrimage”

Staying Safe Abroad

The movies assigned this week were very hard to watch at times. With a lot of sexual abuse scenes, fathers selling their children, the selling of children in general, people being held against their will and their families threatened, and the all around injustices that take place all over the world. But as hard asContinue reading “Staying Safe Abroad”


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