My Personal Philosophy of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

During my time in HTM 101 I have learned an immeasurable amount of knowledge that I will take forward as I enter the world of Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management. I learned the about the highs including being successful in something you are passionate about, creating an experience for others to enjoy, being able toContinue reading “My Personal Philosophy of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management”

Breaking Down the Cruise Industry

The cruising industry has become a 37 billion dollar business in the past decade. Employing around 178 thousand jobs in the year 2019. This is industry is very large and effects many people not just working on the ship but also the people who live where the ships dock along their trips. Cruising runs andContinue reading “Breaking Down the Cruise Industry”

Environmental Impacts of Tourism

When an environmental tragedy happens like a tsunami everyone is effected in some way. During and after the event the press can either help or hurt the situation. They can inspire people from all over to come and help or to donate what they can to help the people affected by the tragedy. But onceContinue reading “Environmental Impacts of Tourism”