International tourism expenditure

1. Saudi Arabia 2. Greece 3.

Japan 4. United Kingdom 5. United States 6. China 7. Spain 8. Italy 9. France 10.

Second largest spender

Portugal Source: World Tourism Organization The United States, which is ranked in the top ten in the World Tourism Organization's annual list, is also the largest spender on tourism. The US is believed to be the largest consumer of tourist spending in the world. The US spent $4.3 billion on tourism in 2017, which is a 9.1 percent increase from the previous year. The top ten countries by total tourism spend are: 1.

United States 2. United Kingdom 3. China 4. Italy 5. Japan 6. Spain 7.

France 8. Germany 9. Portugal 10. The countries ranking at the top are: 1. Mexico 2. Australia 3. Germany 4.

South Korea 5. France 6. United States 7. Italy 8.

World tourism organization

Japan 9. China 10. United Kingdom China The Chinese are the top international tourism spenders in the world. In fact, China is the world's sixth largest country in terms of number of international tourists. The country has the highest number of tourists who visited China in the past year. Chinese foreign tourists spent USD 2.8 billion on overseas travel in the past year. That was an increase of 21% from USD 1.9 billion in 2016. As of May 2017, the number of China tourists visiting Australia was USD 17.5 billion, making the country the second largest touristic destination in the world.

United States: $2.7 billion (20th) United Kingdom: £1.5 billion (2nd) France: $1.3 billion (15th) Germany: $1.1 billion (18th) Italy: $1 billion (14th) Spain: $1 billion (13th) China: $1 billion (12th) The World Tourism Organization also reports the following countries as the ten largest spenders of international tourism over the last 12 months: United States: $2.7 billion (20th) United Kingdom: £1.5 billion (2nd) France: $1.3 billion (15th) Germany: $1. 1. China 2. Japan 3. US 4. Germany 5.

France 6. UK 7. Mexico 8. Russia 9. Spain 10. Turkey China is a big consumer of tourism, spending around $80 billion per year. In 2016, there were around 2.2 million Chinese tourists in Europe, according to UNESCO. A total of 2.5 million Chinese tourists visited the UK in 2016, 831,000 of which came from China.

Source world tourism

Overall, Chinese tourism to the UK increased by 11% from 2015. The number of Chinese tourists in the UK increased by 7.2% from 2015 to 2016. Tourism is a key driver of economic growth in China. Tourism also helps to boost the country's GDP.

China's GDP increased by 5. 1. New Zealand 2. United Arab Emirates 3. China 4.

Ireland 5. United Kingdom 6. France 7. Sweden 8. United States 9.

United kingdom billion

Australia 10. Netherlands Source: World Tourism Organization Don't Miss: The 3 Best Countries to Live In Right Now 10 Best Cities to Live In Right Now Top 10 Best Cities for Families These 10 cities have the highest levels of economic activity within their borders. 1. Stockholm 2. Amsterdam 3. Copenhagen 4. London 5.

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1. 1. United States of America 2.

United kingdom united

China 3. India 4. Russia 5. Brazil 6.

Germany 7. Spain 8. France 9. Italy 10. Japan Source: World Tourism Organization. 1. Japan - $7.56 billion 2. South Korea - $6.72 billion 3.

China - $6.43 billion 4. Germany - $6.29 billion 5. United Kingdom - $6.18 billion 6. Italy - $6.18 billion 7. France - $6.16 billion 8. Australia - $6.15 billion 9. Brazil - $5.99 billion 10.

Spain - $5.90 billion Source: World Tourism Organization 9. China's tourism industry has seen an increase in spending over the last year, reaching $61.3 billion in 2017, according to the government's Trade Ministry. China has been praised for its expanding tourism industry. 8. France and Germany are the two countries that spend the most on tourism overseas each year, according to figures released by the World Tourism Organization.

7. 1. US$85.97B – China 2.$81.24B – India 3.$75.02B – Germany 4.$74.65B – Japan 5.$69.75B – Korea 6.$66.40B – Mexico 7.$64.57B – Russia 8.$58.73B – France 9.$56.39B – Italy 10.$55.40B – Turkey 10.5 million people visited China in the year 2018, with the largest population, 4.4 million people, living in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. In addition, the country has a large number of foreign tourists from Japan, Korea, and Russia, who constitute the largest number of tourists to China. China is also the most visited country in the world with a total visitor count of more than 12 million. Spain, the third largest spender France, France's second largest spender Germany, Germany's second largest spender Italy, Italy's second largest spender United Kingdom, United Kingdom's second largest spender Canada, Canada's second largest spender China, China's second largest spender Brazil, Brazil's second largest spender The United States, United States' second largest spender Vietnam, Vietnam's second largest spender China, China's second largest spender The World Bank estimates that the world's tourism industry is worth $30 billion.