International tourism receipts

1. Hong Kong (HK$2.67 trillion) 2. Singapore (SG$1.48 trillion) 3. Japan (JP$1.14 trillion) 4. South Korea (KR$0.85 trillion) 5.

Australia (AU$0.73 trillion) 6. United States (US$0.68 trillion) 7. China (CN$0.63 trillion) 8. Hong Kong (HK$0.57 trillion) 9. Japan (JP$0.55 trillion) 10.

South Korea (KR$0.51 trillion) The top ten most visited countries were: 1. Hong Kong (HK$2.67 trillion) 2. Singapore (SG$1.48 trillion) 3. Japan (JP$1.14 trillion) 4.

Trillion south korea

South Korea (KR$0. China: US$1.4 trillion India: US$1.3 trillion Japan: US$1.2 trillion South Korea: US$1.1 trillion Mexico: US$948 million Brazil: US$735 million Russia: US$835 million United Arab Emirates: US$843 million The World Bank is predicting that the number of international tourists to the United States will increase 3% to 5.2 million in 2019 and 8% to 9.7 million in 2020. Transportation The United States is a major transport and logistics hub and the airports in the United States have earned a reputation as international airports for delivering the most efficient, high-quality services to our international clients. The New York City–Long Island–New Jersey International Airport is the busiest airport in the world with a total passenger traffic of 1.

China, US$1.6 trillion; India, US$1.4 trillion; Japan, US$1.3 trillion; Vietnam, US$1.2 trillion; Indonesia, US$955.7 billion; South Korea, US$923.6 billion; and Malaysia, US$813.9 billion. The top ten Chinese tourists in 2018 were: 1. Wang Xiaoli (China) 2. Wang Xiaoli (China) 3. Li Yuxin (China) 4. Sun Xiaojun (China) 5.

Li Yuxin (China) 6. Sun Xiaojun (China) 7. Tang Xiaobing (China) 8.

Wang Xiaoli (China) 9. Li Yuxin (China) 10. Hong Kong ($8.1 billion), Singapore ($7.5 billion), New Zealand ($6.6 billion), Canada ($6.1 billion), Germany ($5.7 billion), United Kingdom ($5.5 billion), Australia ($5.4 billion), Mexico ($4.9 billion), France ($4.9 billion), Mexico City ($4.7 billion) and United Arab Emirates ($4.6 billion). Singapore, US$1.7 trillion United Kingdom, $876 million Canada, $766 million Australia, $602 million Japan, $514 million Hong Kong, $489 million Mexico, $456 million Taiwan, $399 million A total of US$8.8 trillion was spent on international tourism in 2018.

The top ten countries with the highest number of tourists in 2018 were: United States, 26.5 million Japan, 25.8 million France, 25.2 million Germany, 25.1 million United Kingdom, 25.0 million Spain, 24.5 million Canada, 24.3 million India, 24.3 million United States, 24. Japan (US$1.2 trillion), China (US$1.1 trillion), United States (US$1.1 trillion), United Kingdom (US$1 trillion), Germany (US$1.1 trillion), France (US$1.1 trillion) and Japan (US$1.1 trillion). In 2017, the US was the world's second largest tourist destination with 5.1 million visitors. In 2018, the US has overtaken China as the world's second largest tourism destination with 5.3 million visitors. Browse the countries that are the largest destinations for international tourists by country. Greece Russia China France United States United Kingdom Mexico Brazil France United States What is important to note is that these are the top earners, and the top tourist destinations are not necessarily the most popular ones. Trust in tourism is increasing in the United States.

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