World's top tourism destinations 2018

1. New York City 2. Miami 3. Tokyo 4.

Hong Kong 5. Paris 6. Dubai 7. Sydney 8. Bangkok 9. London 10.

Dublin 9. New York City has a reputation for being a destination where you can really find something unique. It's no surprise that New York has the most tourists of the ten most visited cities. In fact, the city's international tourism is estimated to reach $3.1 billion dollars annually in 2018. The city is a major international hub for international relations and the arts. New York is also the number one destination for tourists from Asia and the Middle East and is a hub for international diplomacy.

8. Tokyo Tokyo is a city with a rich history. It was the capital of the Meiji Restoration, which lasted from 1868-1873. 1. Bangkok, Thailand – 8.5 million 2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 7.4 million 3.

Jakarta, Indonesia – 6.8 million 4. New Delhi, India – 6.5 million 5. Manila, Philippines – 5.9 million 6. Cancun, Mexico – 5.9 million 7.

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Bali, Indonesia – 5.2 million 8. Seoul, South Korea – 5.1 million 9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 4.5 million 10. Geneva, Switzerland – 4. 1.

Bangkok, Thailand 2. Luanda, Angola 3. Cuzco, Peru 4. N'Djamena, Democratic Republic of Congo 5. Buenos Aires, Argentina 6. Lisbon, Portugal 7.

Malaga, Spain 8. Moscow, Russia 9. Galang, Cambodia 10. San Francisco, United States To see why these ten destinations are so popular, read our international travel guide to the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 1. Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is the most visited city in Thailand, with nearly 16 million foreign tourists visiting every year.

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It's a major international destination and it continues to attract international travel. The city has a thriving nightlife and it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The most visited international destinations (as reported by the World Tourism Organization) were: 1. Qatar (876,812) 2. Dubai (682,931) 3. China (675,873) 4. Argentina (676,469) 5. Malaysia (676,154) 6.

Tokyo (673,566) 7. Bali (673,566) 8. Hong Kong (671,816) 9. Turkey (669,917) 10. Malaysia (669,093) As a result of that report Qatar is the most visited country in the world with a population of 976,812 people. And as for the top 10 most tourist-attracted destinations, again, Qatar has taken the top spot, with an estimated 876,812 foreign tourists in 2018. United Kingdom – 5.7 million United States – 5.1 million France – 2.9 million Italy – 1.7 million Germany – 1.5 million Japan – 1.3 million Spain – 1.1 million South Korea – 1.

The top ten destinations are: 1. Dubai 2. Los Angeles 3. New York 4. Paris 5. Montreal 6. Amsterdam 7.

Tokyo 8. San Francisco 9. Singapore 10. Cancun This list is based on the total number of international tourists in 2018 and based on the number of arrivals and departures in the last quarter of the year. Destinations and Agencies The following information is provided by the World Tourism Organization. The World Travel and Tourism Council is a global trade association devoted to promoting and enhancing the growth of the global tourism industry, its industry benefits, and the global tourism economy.

The World Tourism Council's purpose is to promote the development of the global tourism industry, its industry benefits, and the global tourism economy. 1. Dubai 2. Abu Dhabi 3.

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Beijing 4. Macau 5. Manila 6. Hong Kong 7. Bangkok 8. Osaka 9. Istanbul 10. Colombo Where is Dubai?

Dubai has been the most popular destination for international travelers since 2006. To top it off, it has a fast-growing economy as well. The number of international tourists in Dubai grew by more than 50% in 2017 and the number of foreign tourists has increased by 60% over the past five years. How many people visit Dubai? International tourists in the UAE bring in $1.25 billion USD in annual revenue. The quality of the construction of Dubai's major airports is much higher than during the construction of Singapore airport.

The United Arab Emirates has the second biggest airport in the world after Dubai. The international airport of Dubai is known for its world class service. 1. Bangkok, Thailand 2. Las Vegas, Nevada 3.

Los Angeles, California 4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 5. Barcelona, Spain 6. New York, New York 7. Paris, France 8. Toronto, Canada 9.

Frankfurt, Germany 10. Hong Kong, China More information: 1. 1.

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Dubai 2. Hong Kong 3. Bangkok 4.

La Paz 5. Barcelona 6. Rome 7.

Lisbon 8. London 9. Paris 10. This list is based on data from the Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, 2018.

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1. Malaysia 2. Vietnam 3. Thailand 4. Philippines 5.

Indonesia 6. Russia 7. Qatar 8. Iran 9. Philippines 10. China Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, 2018 Rank Country Tourism Destination (million) 1. Malaysia 177,100 2.